Local procedures

You will find, underneath, two versions of the 2019 Local Procedures and a PDF explanation of the new task rules. The Belgian Competition Committee, with the approval of the Belgian Gliding Federation took the decision to experiment new rules during the OBGN 2019. Those new rules are reflected in the first document: Local Procedures 2019 Version 1.4. They are essentially aimed at breaking up the vicious and un-sporty formation of big gaggles. They will serve as test for the proposals Belgium has sent to IGC. The second document is a graphical PDF presentation of these new rules, thanks to Bert Jr Schmelzer.

The third document is the OBGN 2019 Back Up Local Procedure Version 1.3. It will only be applicable if the Contest Director estimates that these new rules are inapplicable or ineffective at any time during the contest. If applicable, a thorough briefing about the OBGN 2019 Back Up Local Procedures will be offered prior to enforcing them. These Back Up LP’s are identical to the ones in force during the OBGN 2018, with a few updates essentially concerning dates and organization team composition.

Baudouin Litt

Contest Director